Annas Eskander - EYVA Graphic Novel Interview

Annas Eskander, Sci-fi and fantasy fiction Writer

We were asked by Annas to film a promotional film to help launch her Graphic Novel EYVA onto the crowdfund website Indigogo.

We hired a studio location to film with Annas to allow us full control over the lighting and setting, we wanted to create a dark and atmospheric feel to the video to work alongside the visuals taken from the novel which were to be used in the edit.

The edit features a two camera setup, one focused straight onto Annas for her to speak into and the other to capture a second angle using a digital slider with pan to give us a nice cropped close up of the subject.

This footage was then cut in with visuals taken from the novel using some effects to give the feeling of movement and action reflecting the story.

About the writer, ANNAS ESKANDER:
Annas Eskander is a writer with a passion for sci-fi and fantasy fiction. With a career stretching 15 years in fashion design, EYVA evolved from a TV pilot screenplay to a stylised, cyberpunk comic.

About the Illustrator – TIMOTHY GREEN II
Timothy Green II is an American comic book artist who has worked in the industry for 15 years with Marvel, DC Comics and Dark Horse. He is known for his work on such titles as Star-Lord, Aeon Flux, Red Hood and Rocket Racoon & Groot.

What does the future hold for the comic?
EYVA Comic Issue 1: Mainframe is Watching has been subsidised partially by myself to cover the cost of the illustration. The target of £4000 has been set to meet the remainder of the illustration costs, publication and cost of the perks.

A stretch goal of £10,000 has been set. This will the go ahead for EYVA Comic Issue 2: Into the Calysion.

We appreciate that not everyone can make a contribution, however, you can still help by spreading the word and using the Indiegogo share tools.